OldhamSanta Oldham has a long history of working with people and various business entities in ways that foster progress, agreements and mutual working relations.  She brings this experience to Life Coaching work by assisting people to find their passion, follow their dreams, and to become and feel more successful.  Everyone has a different outlook on what will fulfill us.  She hunts for that often elusive element that many people can’t seem to locate reassuring them that it is there and can be found.  For direct contact email: assistanceinaction@gmail.com

Our other speaker was Rebecca Rice, the program coordinator for the Kent County Health Department.  She is especially interested in making residents aware of those things which reduce the risks of becoming diabetic.  Kent County Health sponsors no cost group sessions which encourage and support lifestyle change, weight loss, reasonable exercise, better eating habits, understanding food labeling, and a long list of other things, which not everyone fully understands, that have definite impact on our overall well-being, as well as reducing the many risks of type 2 diabetes.  A new group is forming in April 2018.  Contact her for more info:  rebecca.rice@Maryland.gov



Img-1101 tom tTom gave us some history of China compared to the USA.  No doubt, China has a far longer history that the USA and is a powerhouse not only in its region, but in the world.  The USA is like a blue chip stock, not so very interesting and rather mature in terms of future growth potential, while China is more an up and coming powerhouse with far more room to expand and grow than the USA.  We covered some of the reasons and then we looked at some of the areas which surround China to see how they and their neighbors are interacting.

Surprisingly, though completely logically, our topic drifted to world-wide politics and affairs between nations.  The world is so different that what it was 60 years ago when we could have one policy for the East and another for the West.  Everyone is aware of what is going on and living diplomatically with one another is a real challenge.  The USA suffers from some lack of confidence in the fair and level application of our foreign policies and China is quick to take up any slack they are handed which may increase their local and global influence. 

If you weren’t there, you missed a very good lecture and some far ranging questions.  The experience and depth of knowledge shown at our Kent CBG is often amazing.  This was just one of those excellent presentations that highlighted what can be done in an hour in the early morning.



Steve met with CBG today as our speaker rather than as a usual meeting attendee.  He has a multi-faceted web based set of services and calendars which deserve our attention.  He explained how Local in Kent, ChesaDelCrier, DelmarvaCrier, and ShoreToBeFun all share some common threads, but how diverse they can be with focus on different elements of the local and regional happenings of our County, State and DelMarVa region.

We know that there are lots of events going on that we only hear of after the fact.  Steve wants us to know ahead of time to allow better and larger participation.  We couldn’t agree more with that goal.

In the coming weeks we will display the various calendars of events at our morning meetings from time to time so that we can help share the good news of what is happening around here BEFORE it happens.  Sounds like a plan to us.  Please attend.


If you want to have your events publicized, contact Steve at one of his websites and give him the news.

Events@shoretobefun.com email will go directly to his desktop.





Leslie Raimond and John Schratwieser, Co-Directors in 2017 of the Kent County Arts Council met with the members of Kent CBG today and discussed the way they have intertwined the Kent Arts Council into the heart of the vibrant artistic community of Kent County and in Chestertown.  The engaging of artists to bring their artistic statements and point of view into focus by having art events which are timely and emotionally involving for viewers is a great key marketing concept and key to their success.  There are some good events coming in the Spring of 2018 and we will post a link to the calendar once we get their notification.

The budget for the KCAC is initially funded by the State of Maryland each year, but far more funds are needed to do a good job.  Keeping the arts in a making money for the area situation greatly eases the funding burden.  It appears that the arts really are paying their own way in the area and we are a better place because of the arts being such a strong local force.



12-14-2017CBGThe world keeps changing.  We cannot stop it.  We can put it into statistics.  We can hope to learn something about it, but we must understand that we have only a rather small and sporadic effect on altering the course of events.  There are things we can do and things we cannot control.  We have biblical commands to treat our fellow men well and to increase and develop our talents.  While some are fortunate enough to be able to accept such duties many others may have little time other than to seek survival each day.  Rodney pointed out some disturbing trends in the economy of the USA which are pretty well mirrored in Kent County, MD.

In the end, to make real progress and to grow the economy, one must take on the personal initiative to get the most and best level of education possible.  Dropping out of school or only getting a High School diploma is not the most likely course of action to your personal economic development and success.  There are certain jobs which you can knowingly select that will be among the best paid ones in the near future.  Getting the right education for those jobs is a key element to your personal economic development and also to the economic betterment of wherever you live, including Kent County.

The topic is a deep one, mathematically complex, full of graphs and charts, and subject to the whims of every presenter who makes up such a lecture.  I think Mr. Lester gave us a great short course on where we were 60 years ago and how we have altered and changed as a society and as an economy until now as well as letting us glimpse into the prediction of our future.  As in generations past, the future may not seem inviting to the viewers of today, but most of us will not be there when it comes to pass.  What will our children and grandchildren actually become a part of?  How will the economy of the US, the world and even Kent County stack up 20 years from now?  The best advice was, “Get the best education level you can and you will be at the top of the statistical charts in the future”.  Good or bad, those with the most education have proven over many generations that they will be among those who live the best and do the best.  If you want this for your family, you need to encourage success through educational opportunities.  It is a great message to better understand.



Tim Dove and Annette Duckery came to speak with us along with two additional members of the team in Kent County that are doing everything imaginable to alleviate and help eliminate drug problems in Kent County.  They are not only using the standard tools of the anti-drug approach, but are trying very hard to think outside the box to really help those members of our community that need help that the standard plan does not provide.  We all thought they are on the right track.  It makes good sense to try some new and fresh approaches toward fixing a huge societal problem that just is not being managed well throughout the entire country.  Why not try some new efforts to support folks who need help and connections to further assistance?   Tim is obviously a highly trained, motivated and concerned leader who is up to the task.  And, the task is a large one.

The questions remains: Can we stop drug abuse?  Can we stop drug addiction?  Can we show better examples to our youth so they don’t go down the wrong pathways?  Can we help people who are hurting and want to be helped?  What can government do and what does society need to do?  Many big questions and very few real solutions.  The main thing is to keep trying until the correct solutions come into focus.


Larry Samuels has spoken to Kent CBG numerous times.  This is the first time he really came prepared to tell us about himself and how he arrived at becoming a frequent substitute teacher both in Queen Anne and Kent.  He has a passion for the kids and cares about them.  He has great experience and is a sharing individual.  It sounded to us like he is just the right kind of person to mentor our children, especially the many here who need extra help, encouragement, stability and compassion often missing in their home environments.  Education is a major key to success in later life.  If you do not have the basics from home and school, you will be short handed in all that comes afterwards.  The basic education found in the lower school grades is essential to master, and after hearing Larry talk, we felt it even more surely than before.

Larry recounted several of his kid friendly and engaging stories.  We can see better why he takes the huge amount of time he spends with so many good volunteer efforts along with his very frequent teaching role.  Thank you Larry.  We need many more guys and gals with your spirit and energy all over the country and we are fortunate to have you here as an example.



WIlliamsJamie Williams came to visit Kent CBG on behalf of Scott Boone, County IT Director who was unable to attend today.  She came very well prepared not only to address the topics Scott would have covered, but with several other agendas of importance which she works on for the benefit of all Kent County citizens.  She finds lots of work to be done here, yet also finds lots of bright points and hope in getting Kent County developed in ways which would suit the citizenry.   It is a balancing act to maintain the basically agricultural historic nature of the county while understanding that the future of the county involves new businesses, new housing, renewal of schools, maintenance of the tax base, and attracting new residents, young and old alike.

Jamie went on to address several hot topics and we had a vibrant set of discussions.  Everyone came away with an increased awareness of what economic development means here and just how big a job Jamie has.  You could not ask for a more dedicated person to accept her role.  Some great initiatives are underway and there is no shortage of ideas that may become reality here.


mcLainWe gained a lot of insight  into the inspiration for this unusual sculptural installation that is now in search of additional funding.  It is a totally modern and visually appealing design that will not only fit well in the proposed location, but will be visible to people driving by, especially when it is lit in the evening.  With her family’s long history in Chestertown and with Washington College, this artful construct seems a perfect fit and properly honors the history of both her father, Dr. Joseph H. McClain and Dr. John A. Conkling, both of whom made great contributions to the science and safety of fireworks.

Ms. McLain has written and published a book “For the Love of Fireworks”.  All profits will directly fund this installation.  Contact Lynn McLain directly to purchase the book.  

In addition, for those who prefer to simply donate, send a check to:   Washington College, Office of Advancement, 300 Washington Ave.  Chestertown, MD 21620-1197.  You can take a full charitable deduction for such direct contributions.  Mark the memo on your check:  ATRIUM SCUPTURE PROJECT.


Mayor Cerino turned out a lively and good sized audience for his local address to our Kent CBG members.  With the limited financial resources, limited power beyond the town limits and keeping in mind that private enterprise needs to succeed in Chestertown, the Mayor has his hands both full and often tied at the same time.  It is good to hear about what is happening from the head of local town government, from someone deeply part of the non-profit scene and also as a private citizen..  Roll all that into one and you have Mayor Cerino.  You can just tell he is doing the job mostly because it is such a good fit for him and it is something he enjoys doing well.

We asked some tough questions about the Marina property, the Armory and Stepney Manor and other properties where development might someday occur.  While some options are not on the table, there may be wiggle room for something good to come out of these potential sites.  Where are we with the Fiber Optic Internet?  We plan to have the Kent County IT chief, Scott Boone in two seeks to tell us exactly what is going on.  The mayor thought there was some sort of slow down, but did not think it was a failed mission.  We’ll get something more definitive shortly for out participants.

Thanks Mr. Mayor.  We know you are having the big Down Rigging weekend beginning today, so we appreciate the time you spent with us.

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