An Unsustainable Direction?

On April 24, 2015, in Economics, Politics, Rock Hall, by An American

According to the June 30, 2014 Financial Statement for the Town of Rock Hall, the town’s total expenses increased from $2,264K in FY2013 to $2,426K in FY2014, an increase of 7.2%. The personal income for the town is apparently not known, but personal income for Kent County increased by 0.8% in 2013. Clearly, such a rapid increase in spending compared with people’s ability to pay taxes cannot continue forever. An example of what such a policy can eventually result in is the situation the City of Baltimore finds itself in. As industry and their workers have fled, the demand for social services has increased, and the city’s ability to pay for these services has decreased. Baltimore has been kept going as well as it has by the state’s increasing taxes on the rest of us and transferring our money to help the city.


Bob Willis

On April 17, 2015, in Politics, Rock Hall, by An American

Rock Hall has seen many significant developments during Bob’s tenure as mayor. The Clam House was rehabilitated and major improvements to the clarifier in the Town’s water treatment facility are underway. New businesses have established including the 4 Sirens restaurant and the Rock Hall Hairnet. The Town’s website has been significantly improved. Bob will explain how achievements were accomplished and what additional developments he sees in Rock Hall’s future at CBG’s April 23 breakfast meeting.



The Rock Hall Municipal Election

On April 11, 2015, in Politics, Rock Hall, by An American

Brian Jones will discuss the May 2 Rock Hall municipal election with the Community Breakfast Group (CBG) at their Thursday breakfast meeting on April 16. Brian is Rock Hall’s Vice Mayor and serves as liaison with the Streets & Public Works Department as well as their Communications Department. He joined the workforce immediately after graduating from high school and has worked for Kent County Public Schools as a Technology Assistant and Lead Technology Technician since March of 2001.

Brian feels that public safety is the foremost responsibility of municipalities. His other priorities include encouraging establishment of small businesses which provide above average salaries, building on Rock Hall’s reputation as the entertainment capitol of Kent County, developing a multi-model transportation strategy, and using data to deliver the best outcome for Rock Hall residents.

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