Government support of “renewable” energy is stronger in the European Union than it is in the United States, and has contributed significantly to their economic problems. Struan Stevenson was a member of the European Parliament from Scotland, and is currently president of the European Parliament’s Climate Change, Biodiversity & Sustainable Development Intergroup. He writes:

“Chambers Dictionary defines the word RAPE as meaning violation, despoiling or abuse. I believe that the current mad race for renewables is responsible for the rape of Britain. Wind turbines violate the principle of fairness by transferring vast amounts of money from the poor to the rich. They despoil our unique landscape and environment; and through noise, the flicker-effect and vibration, they abuse the health and welfare of people and animals which have to live near them.”

Apex Clean Energy is basically an investment bank set up to take advantage of government mandates and subsidies for “renewable” energy. Operating much like a house flipper, they obtain the permits needed to construct a wind or solar farm, collect the subsidies then sell the facilities to utilities who actually operate them. Users of the catastrophically expensive electric power pay the bill.

However, getting the permits is not easy, particularly if there is significant local opposition. Apex must obtain permission from dozens of agencies, ranging from the Kent County Department of Planning and Zoning to the Maryland Public Service Commission to the Federal Aviation Agency. Even if Apex succeeds in running this gauntlet, the project must survive challenges in State and Federal Courts.

Janet is an important member of Keep Kent Scenic an organization that was formed recently to coordinate efforts to oppose the Apex project. She will describe the Apex project, the permitting process, the current status of project, and what the future fight will look like.


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