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Crossroads Community, Inc. teaches skills and provides resources that empower individuals with behavioral health needs to recover and live satisfying and productive lives. They promote community acceptance through advocacy and community education.  Crossroads began providing psychosocial rehabilitation services to adults with serious and persistent mental illness who resided in Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties in Maryland in 1983.

Over the next 31 years, Crossroads has grown to provide a full array of Psychiatric Rehabilitation services to adults and children and Case Management services to adults throughout five mid-shore counties on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. In 2009, Crossroads expanded to also provide clinical services through our clinic, Corsica River Mental Health Services.


What will be the benefits of marijuana farming in Kent County?  What may be the downsides?  What will be the controls?  Are there real or imaginary risks?

Where will the refugees of Syria go?  How will Europe absorb these folks without becoming a very different place in a matter of a few years instead of decades?  Why has the world allowed this situation to happen?  Will ISIS emigrate with these refugees to all of Europe?

The Iran nuclear deal.  Is it a “deal” or not worth the paper it is written on?  How did the US get put in this position?  Why are certain countries allowed Nuclear weapons and others are not?  Have we been outsmarted and duped or will Iran be an honest partner in the process?  Was there any precedent in having the US Congress vote on a bill to “disapprove” the agreement?  Is this just another example of poor leadership and little understanding of how to conduct foreign policy?

What would Chestertown be like if the 45% of tax exempt property be taxed at 1/3 of the going rate instead of zero?  What could be done with a few hundred thousand dollars of collected funds every year?  How would priorities change?  Is there old infrastructure just waiting to fall apart?  Would this drive these tax exempt’s out of Chestertown or all of Maryland if it was enacted?  Why are there so many tax exempt operations congregated in one town?



Mayor Cerino to Discuss Chestertown Challenges

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Among these challenges are efforts by the hospital to remediate the oil spill that endangers the Towns water supply, the struggle to restore the Town’s marina, moving the police station, construction of the Mabel Mumford Gateway Park, development of Stepne Manor and creation of a waterfront walk.  It is truly amazing that one person can manage all these moving parts on a part time basis!  This list of challenges doesn’t even include the Mayor’s continuing responsibility for managing public safety, streets, sanitation and parks and recreation.

Mayor Cerino is a 23-year resident of Kent County, Maryland and has been the Chairman of the Chestertown Planning Commission. Professionally, he is Vice President of the Sultana Educational Foundation; he has created educational programs aboard the schooner focusing on the history and environment of the Chesapeake Bay.


Harris Murphy, States Attorney, to Meet with CBG

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Harris Murphy will provide a brief overview of the office of the State’s Attorney (duties, staff, etc.); discuss several initiatives he has been working on since taking office (the relocation of the physical office, the development of a drug court, involvement with body camera policy implementation); give some statistics about the number of criminal cases filled since the begging of the year; and answer questions.

Harris embodies the ideal of a local boy made good.  After graduating from Washington College in 1993, he completed University of Baltimore School of Law in 1996 and served as law clerk for Kent County Circuit Court Judge Frederick Price.  After many years in in the Public Defender’s Office, he switched sides and was elected States Attorney in last November’s election.

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