The Kent and Queen Anne’s Rescue Squad is located on Morgnec Rd. in Chestertown. From its modest beginnings in 1961 when one vehicle and a handful of volunteers ran 73 calls to 2013 when volunteers responded to 1555 calls, the Kent and Queen Anne’s Rescue Squad is the primary ambulance organization in Chestertown and outlying rural areas. Volunteers are of all ages and come from all walks of life; most have extensive training and experience in the emergency medical services. Many members are also trained in firefighting, hazardous materials operations, rescue operations, dispatch, and scuba diving. The Rescue Squad’s current fleet includes three ALS-equipped ambulances, one rescue truck, two boats, a special operations trailer, an all-terrain vehicle, two utility vehicles, and an ALS equipped chase vehicle.


American Foreign Policy has been unraveling in recent years.  Terrorism and outright military aggression are increasing from Crimea to Syria to Libya to the South China Sea.  According to our State Department, there has been a 35 Percent Increase in terrorist attacks worldwide since 2013.  Is our foreign policy really as feckless as it seems?  Can anything be done to fix it?  Just what is our foreign policy, anyway?



Brian Moore has worked in radio for some 30 years in “virtually every aspect of the radio business from on air, to sales to management,” in markets of all sizes, from Tampa, Fla. to Elkins, W.Va.  Leslie Sea has also worked in radio for many years.  They are planning to continue to expand the area served by WCTR from Chestertown to the rest of Kent County and to Centerville and surrounding local areas.  They will also be expanding into other media beside radio to complement what will be happening at WCTR.


The Future of Local and National Healthcare

On October 9, 2015, in Healthcare, by David Atlas

Diagnosis:  The patient, Healthcare USA, is ill from years of exponential growth and delivery of quality care due to tinkering with the capitalist system of free market competition in the hope that incremental episodes of socialism will “improve” the problem.

Ongoing treatment and plan of action:  More socialism will cure the patient.  Containment of rapid growth and regulation of costs will be applied as the treatment.  The free market and competitive forces will be further driven off since the government is expected to do better for the citizens than a free market would do.

Prognosis:  It will all work out just as well as our Congress in Washington DC has worked for the benefit of citizens these past several years.  We can count on books of regulations which prove that a regulated system will be far better than one which gives citizens free choice and encourages growth of services.  Statistics will be utilized regardless of the logic involved in their collection to make us all into good socialist medical system participants.  Delivery of “Quality Medical Care” will become a euphemism for less access to convenient services, and rationing of services to those who can travel and who know how to get through red tape before they are too weak to get the Quality Healthcare they may need.

You can’t blame this on Ken Kozel.  He talked to our group like a gentleman and an honest worker hoping to help us get healthcare in the way he is mandated to provide it to us on the Eastern Shore.  Hundreds of people, just like him, are diligently working all over the USA doing exactly the same thing.  They are attempting to give citizens the best care that can be had within the confines of a budget and with a finite limit on the supply of service providers.  What is left out of this commendable task is any reliance on the forces of the free market.  The free market made the USA the greatest powerhouse economy for more than the last 100 years and now the already failed concepts of Socialism are driving the healthcare system into changes that have reasonably predictable outcomes.  The messenger is a very good speaker, a good man, and is making a genuine effort to make the medicine palatable.  While the medicine may taste fairly good going down, it may not actually work as well in the long term as one might blindly hope.  It is counter intuitive to think socialized medicine can outperform free market medicine in terms of quality, variety and accessibility.  Competitive forces keep costs under control more honestly and effectively than regulations.

It was good to be more informed about what is going on.  Ken Kozel cares about the future of Healthcare in our region, but is firmly empowered to make it happen on a model that we just may not like once it becomes clear to the majority of citizens.  What will we do then?  I hope it all turns out better than what I believe it might become.  Not all change is good, not all change is bad.  We are just beginning to find out what it is all about.


Chestertown Election

On October 9, 2015, in Chestertown, Politics, by An American

On Tuesday, November 3, 2015, the Town of Chestertown will hold an election to elect Councilmembers from the 2nd and 4th Wards. Councilman Marty Stetson is seeking re-election in the 4th ward.  He is being opposed by Steve Atkinson.  Councilwoman Linda Kuiper is running unopposed for re-election as representative of the 2nd ward.

Among the important issues facing Chestertown are the future plans for the marina, management of the Heroin epidemic, development of Stepne Manor and implementation of the New A&E District.  You can learn more about these important issues and many others if you come to our meeting, and you will even have a chance to discuss issues important to you with town leaders.


Ken joined Shore Health System as President and Chief Executive Officer in October, 2011. Prior to joining Shore Health System, Ken was President of Upper Chesapeake Health System, a two hospital health system in Harford County, Maryland.

Ken completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland and became a medical technologist. Ken earned an MBA and a master of science in business from the Johns Hopkins University. He is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

He has been a Board member of the Maryland Association of Healthcare Executives and served on the Council on Clinical and Quality Issues for the Maryland Hospital Association.  He presently serves on the Association’s Population Health Committee. Ken is a member of the Talbot County Blue Ribbon Task Force on Substance Abuse and is a member of the Class of 2015 of Leadership Maryland.


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