Ken Fry COO of Willard Agri-Services December 3rd

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Mr. Fry has been traveling down the west coast of Africa since Nov 3rd and will return a few days before our meeting. He’ll be working on what he thinks might be of interest to the group, but would welcome any suggestions or areas to focus on for the breakfast meeting.
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Remember this is a December 3rd event.   


Nov 19th, 2015

Jean Austin, dedicated CEO of St. Martin’s Ministries gave attendees an overview of the great work she supervises in Ridgely, MD.  They work with women and fatherless families from all over the Eastern Shore of MD.  With a small paid staff and many volunteers, St. Martin’s is dedicated to assisting adult women and women with children to re-enter normal society.  It takes a large and long lasting commitment from both St. Martin’s and the women involved in this fully immersed counseling, assistance, and residential program which can take up to three years.

We find that one organization, or even all the organizations doing such work, can’t stop bad things from happening, can’t eliminate poverty, can’t stop the damage of drugs, and can’t prevent homelessness.  However, one woman, one family at a time, committed to succeed and fostered by trained, equally committed advisors and caregivers can succeed on a human level of individual success.  Once you hear of the degree of commitment and many successes of this program, you gain a bit of hope and optimism for the future.  So much of what we read and hear in the news is about the negatives and very little is about the good work that is quietly being done.  The work of St. Martin’s Ministries is non-denominational and non-discriminatory and well deserves your charitable support.



How St. Martin’s Ministries Serves Our Community

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Founded by the Benedictine Sisters of Ridgely, Maryland, the St. Martin’s ministries is now a non-denominational non-profit. Saint Martin’s delivers four programs to low income rural families in the mid-shore counties of Kent, Caroline, Queen Anne’s and Talbot. An emergency food pantry, a large thrift store, eviction prevention funds, and a two-year transitional residence for homeless women and children, Saint Martin’s House (SMH), make-up the four programs. The organization’s mission is to help impoverished people meet their basic needs while respecting and affirming their dignity. SMM serves between 350 and 450 people each month and has been operating from its location in Ridgely in Caroline County for more than 30 years.



Advances in technology are affecting our lives at an ever increasing pace.  Big Data, robots, drones, digital health tools, and new entertainment devices will all be increasingly important to each of us. Their use will require us to upgrade the technology infrastructure … computer hardware, software and the internet … in our homes and businesses.  Alex Smolens will highlight some of these opportunities and challenges, and answer any questions you have about them.

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