John Sirna led the group in a thought provoking exchange of ideas and positions on this terrifically #1 hair trigger topic.  It is good to sit with down with others over a cup of coffee and make your position known while sharing the position of others who may or may not agree with you.  It is a learning experience that has almost been lost in today’s busy and politically correct society.  We can discuss some topics, but others are often frowned upon or totally off limits just because not everyone agrees on what one can say, do, or even think, these days.  In an ideal world, the freedom to choose most anything that does not infringe on the rights and choices of another is fair game.  We don’t happen to live in such an ideal world.

Our world has people in it that don’t live by any standard of kindness, courtesy, obedience or discipline.  Sure, we have many who do, but our expectation that most everyone is a good and decent person has slowly been dissolving over the past couple of decades.  Do we have an absolute right to self protection?  Do we have an unchangeable right to “bear arms”?  Is the US Contitution on the same level as the 10 Commandments?  Not everyone is a believer in the infallibility of religion or government.  Not everyone is even willing to allow another to make such a statement.

On one side you strongly favor maximum safety and maximum control.  On the opposite side you have a right to all possible freedoms so long as you act as a responsible individual and citizen.  Is  there a reasonable balance point between these poles?  You had to be at CBG to know what was discussed.

CBG thinks we will understand the world best by learning and informing ourselves from all the positions our fellow men and women take take in dealing with such a difficult topic that so firmly grips a large number of the general public.    John Sirna said it was a very beneficial meeting for those who attended.  Views were exchanged.  We get to know more about how others think while possibly re-framing our own beliefs a bit from the influences of good people.


No meeting Dec 24th or Dec 31.

Dave Atlas


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