Dick Swanson of WCALL pays CBG a visit

On December 17, 2015, in Education, by David Atlas


We got an early-bird preview of the new 2016 courses on offer at the Washington College Adult Lifetime Learning program.  Out organizations share the “Come Learn With Us” philosophy.  CBG’ers learn in the morning and WCALL’ers mostly learn later in the day.  However, our goals are very similar.  Being informed is far better than not knowing about the world and what surrounds us.

CBG can tackle issues that might be a bit too controversial for a non-profit, college based group such as WCALL, but there is a great role for such an organization to fill.  How many highly educated and worldly people have retired to Chestertown and the surrounding area?  They have a great deal of experience and knowledge to share.  Many have had a lifelong practice of continuing education.  As teachers or as students, WCALL keeps fertile minds flowing with new facts and stimulating thoughts.  CBG thinks the same way.  We support WCALL in the effort to raise the bar in seeking knowledge and truth.

Thank you Mr. Swanson for your great explanation about the details of WCALL and its many years of successful programs.


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