Our frequent attendee, Warren Beaven, 2nd from right, associated with the Good Neighbor Fund, brought friends and associates with him who are all doing related services for folks who have housing issues in Kent County and Chestertown.  Accompanying Warren were  Carol Droge of the Samaritan Group, Pat MacDonald of the Salvation Army, and Robin Hawthorne of Kent Count Social Services.  Each spent several minutes explaining the roles which each agency plays in getting to know those who request their services.  We found out how they operate both separately, and in cooperation with one another, in order to make the most of their always limited funding.  There is no question that the work they accomplish makes life a little better for those who need their help as well as giving the area a better appearance to outsiders and residents, while increasing public safety for all.

The statistics show homelessness and related issues are on the rise.  This comes as no surprise.  We asked about the vetting of those who get help versus those who ask for help when they really don’t require it.  I think CBG got straight answers which bridged the gap from compassion to legitimate proof of need.  Surely, these agencies and charities are not creating a desire for the population to needlessly call on them for undeserved assistance, yet they are ready to respond to legitimate needs.  We should all be glad that the local area has people in it who are willing to help those who need a place to stay, a decent meal and a bit of counseling.  It is best to be independent and financially well off, but it is good that others care about those who just have not been able to meet those goals on their own.



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