Right from the Captain’s lips we heard the history of how he got involved with running and owning Chester River Packet…. 6 investors helped make it happen.  Low fuel prices today are certainly helping it to bring something special and unique to Chestertown. .. Boat specs and other boat details that one would never know were mentioned.. The Packet will run ferry service during the bridge repairs period this Summer from Rolphs wharf in Queen Anne’s county to Chestertown for $10 per couple … Kids free..

And now below a correct photo, for your viewing pleasure, of Greg Kimmel receiving his Speaker’s Award from our frequent attendee and long time Steering Committee member, Les Moorehouse.

KimmelPhoto thanks to Steve Atkinson.



pick                          Pickrum-Photo thanks to Steve Atkinson

William Pickrum gave us a whirlwind 45 minutes on several topics that everyone in the county would want to know about.  We found out about a new fiber optic internet which may be headed our way that is under negotiations right now.  Such an installation would improve speed, and add access for 99.9% of the population of all residents of the county.  We heard about the coming bridge closing for repairs, the schools, the challenges of the hospital situation, what kind of economic development makes sense for Kent County, and several other topics.

Most impressive is the man himself.  He seems so well prepared to be a leader in our community and like many of our local leaders is serving the public because he truly wants to make lives better.   We hope to see him again at one of our Kent CBG Meetings.

beavenPhoto thanks to Steve Atkinson

Warren Beaven, above, was handed one of our KENT CBG speaker’s awards for a recent talk he gave to us for which we had not made up his award on time.  Rather than let it go, we made one up and saved it for him to appear.  He was surprised and pleased to have not been forgotten for his good work and help with that day’s meeting.  THANK YOU WARREN!


Barbara Reed, Local caregiver and business person.

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We honored one of our own regular Kent CBG attendees with an acknowledgement of her business20160211 CBG Barbara Reed-0812 achievements in our community and to thank her for the services she and her staff provide for those many folks who need skilled and caring assistance to live their lives at home.  Barbara cares about the community, the schools, the services provided to people, and her family.


The Kent CBG

Business Leadership Award


Bryan1photo courtesy of Steve Atkinson

Bryan Williams spoke to us on February 11th about all the time and effort which has been going into the creation of a new business model for Kent County.  It is really an amazing thing to see something so fresh, welcomed and modern enter the mix here without making a group protest take place.  It seems like the welcome mat has been dusted off and it is good to see something truly right for our area that looks to become a success.  You an just tell that Bryan and his team are putting 100% of their effort into doing the job right.  It is good to see that doing all you can to succeed is not a totally lost concept.  We should support such worthy yet simple efforts, too.


Red Acres grows quality hydroponic lettuces and herbs on Century Farm using the best in hydroponics science and years of ag know-how. They offer fresh farm to table produce and make it a daily goal to provide friendly, courteous and prompt service to customers.  You can go directly there to the farm or buy their products at many local food vendors in our region.  This is an idea that is a perfect blend for Kent County.

If you didn’t make the meeting, you missed free lettuce….Very tasty!


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