pick                          Pickrum-Photo thanks to Steve Atkinson

William Pickrum gave us a whirlwind 45 minutes on several topics that everyone in the county would want to know about.  We found out about a new fiber optic internet which may be headed our way that is under negotiations right now.  Such an installation would improve speed, and add access for 99.9% of the population of all residents of the county.  We heard about the coming bridge closing for repairs, the schools, the challenges of the hospital situation, what kind of economic development makes sense for Kent County, and several other topics.

Most impressive is the man himself.  He seems so well prepared to be a leader in our community and like many of our local leaders is serving the public because he truly wants to make lives better.   We hope to see him again at one of our Kent CBG Meetings.

beavenPhoto thanks to Steve Atkinson

Warren Beaven, above, was handed one of our KENT CBG speaker’s awards for a recent talk he gave to us for which we had not made up his award on time.  Rather than let it go, we made one up and saved it for him to appear.  He was surprised and pleased to have not been forgotten for his good work and help with that day’s meeting.  THANK YOU WARREN!


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