Apex sent us their three man team and they made a professional and well planned presentation.  We got to pick the bones of what was presented and found some missing details and some unexplained statistics that needed more information.  Mixing statistics covering 30 years with data covering only 1 year without really making it clear is not a tactic that engenders trust.  More clarity and disclosure needs to come to the surface.  I believe it can be done, but will it happen willingly or only under pressure from county residents?  It does not appear it will happen all on its own.

Dedicated Kent County folks turned out in good numbers to give long time residents perspectives which do differ from the way APEX wants us all to see the issues.  Such a divide in opinions cannot be settled in an hour or in two hours, but having a friendly forum was of great use to all who attended.  All of us now can better appreciate what the issues are here.  It just isn’t as simple as one might wish.  Will Kent County be able to preserve all of the agricultural zoning into the future?  Will Kent County ever be able to market the specifically zoned property currently set aside for uses such as solar generation facilities?  Can there be some trade off in between that will work for all concerned.  The jury must remain out for now.   It was good to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the economic and political realities of “going solar”.  CBG was thrilled to have such a good sized attendance with so many really smart and dedicated local folks turning out to voice their concerns.


Thank you APEX and to Local residents who came to CBG to Learn with US….


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