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20160310 Kay MacIntosh-3611 Photo courtesy of Steve Atkinson

Kay MacIntosh wears many hats.  She is highly versed in the events going on at the local hospital, the overall forces behind economic development in Chestertown, and a guiding light for the Arts & Entertainment district within Chestertown.  We heard a good hour plus of the newest knowledge of where things stand today and what the goals are going forward.  There were, as usual, many questions,.  Kay seemed to enjoy responding without ducking the issues.  You can’t say “Yes” to all requests and you can’t say “No” to all requests, either.  The balancing act of keeping an historic town worth a visit, worthwhile to live in, and worthwhile to have a business in has so many potential problems even in great general economic times.  Today’s changing world has not made Kay’s task easier, but it sounded to most present like Chestertown has chosen a winner.  We all hope and support Chestertown so it can succeed and thrive in the coming years.

Thank you Kay for your good talk and for your straight responses to our questions.



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