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Photo courtesy of Steve Atkinson

Ryan Helfenbein came well prepared for those difficult questions all of us have although we rarely discuss it.  What do we need to take care of before we die?  What power do our spouses and heirs have over the funeral and burial/cremation choices if we fail to make our own in advance?  How do we save a lot of money,save all the money, or spend it wisely on a funeral that really fits the person who has just passed away?

There was a lot of solid information that most folks simply don’t know and it is very obvious that a small effort now to properly understand all the options would be well worth our time rather than have such hard decisions passed on to those we care about forcing them to decide when it is most difficult.  Whether you want a truly quiet and solemn funeral for an untimely and surprise death all the way to a party atmosphere for a long life, well lived, we now have a myriad of choices.  Are you well informed about the realities and rules of cremation?  The list is quite a long one when it comes to what you likely don’t fully understand.

While CBG does not endorse any businesses, we think getting a good perspective and understanding about such planning would be essential and very smart.  Ryan gave us a truly professional and upbeat presentation that found lots of interest with our audience……..


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