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The Bayside H.O.Y.A.S. is a 501(C)3 Non-profit organization; its mission is to provide academic excellence, character development, and community service while integrating sports in its curriculum; The leadership of the H.O.Y.A.S. strive to create a forum that promotes each participant’s self-worth and confidence by engagement of services that positively impacts the individual, home, school and community.

Motto: “Do your best, be your best”

The Bayside H.O.Y.A.S, Hoyas is an acronym for “Helping Our Youth Achieve Success”.  Youth from as young as 4 grade and up are targeted to better themselves through school, home and community.

John made a very positive impression on his audience at CBG.  Mr. Queen took us for a walk in his shoes across the great divide in society that most CBG participants don’t fully appreciate or acknowledge.    The effort being made to give younger members of society opportunities to discover the world outside of what appears to be a toxic environment may pay big dividends to all of us in decades to come.  It won’t see overnight results, but looks to be a very positive approach in the long term.

Meanwhile, the H.O.Y.A.S. need assistance to fund the educational, sociological and sports event projects they offer to Kent County youths.  Making a contribution of your time and/or money would be welcomed and beneficial.



Washington College is planning for the future with a vision of success which looks very well planned and seems also to be well funded.  The degree of complete planning appears to be exemplary and a fine model for other like institutions.  It looks as if there will be fewer independent colleges in the future, but those which make the cut and survive, will be modeled in some resects on the excellent fiscal planning Washington College has adopted.

Such complete and professional plan strategies, with trained eyes on the costs of operation going into the future and not just based on the present, sounds like it will succeed.  Mr. Holt indicated how the College has realized the change in what students need and expect from 25 year ago.  By paying close heed to these differing needs, the College is getting higher than normal graduation rates.  This appears to be a good measure of making higher education relevant to the young people who go to College.  We all felt that was a very important factor in selecting a college in the high cost environment of today.

Joe knew all the details we asked him about; new building plans, increasing diversity of student body, how the College intended to develop some of its real estate property that was not going to be used by the College.  The great concern shown to us revolving about college debt and what Washington College was trying to do to help students was enlightening and hopeful.

Thank you Mr. Holt, for the great presentation and for your obvious dedication not only to the College, but to the community.


Pete’s basic message is the one we often hear from police and safety folks:  “If you see something suspicious, report it to someone such as the police. ”  It will take the cooperation of good citizens to help keep all of us safe.  It may not be all that exciting doing the investigating of criminal and terrorist threats, but knowing the root causes of these unforeseeable events helps law enforcement to prevent many incidents before they happen.

We discussed how much folks are willing to trade safety for security and the fact that you could trade all your freedom and still not be secure.  Where is you own level or tolerance for loss of freedom versus level of safety?  Have you ever thought about what is a good trade-off and what would be too much to lose.

We understood that our Governor was waiting on Pete to leave us on time this morning for a joint meeting, so CBG and the interested attendees kept the Governor waiting a few minutes today.  Who says CBG doesn’t have an impact?  I wish more citizens had the opportunity to clearly hear from the government’s side how the work is carried on, mostly in secret and with our best interests in mind.  While we live in a dangerous world, we live in one far safer than most other places on the planet.  Part of that safety comes from The Pete Landon’s of our country who put in long hours for the benefit of the public good.  THANK YOU PETE!!!!

Pete shared with us this morning, that if you really want to know what’s going on, his mother-in-law, Joan Horsey, would likely know more than he is allowed to know.  :)  In Chestertown, that may very well be the case.


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CBG Donald Kerstetter-4103Photo courtesy of Steve Atkinson

Don Kerstetter visited us today and gave us his long term view that pollution is still hurting the life found in the Chesapeake Bay.  He blames the majority of it on the fertilizer that farms and houlseholds put down which needs to go somewhere as the rains fall and water runs into the watershed.  He isn’t saying farmers are culprits or not doing the best job they can do, but he makes the connection that growing corn is potentially a poor choice for the area we live in.  Corn is not an efficient user of the nitrogen fertilizer that needs to be applied, so extra is left to run off.  Yes, there is less pollution now than before we cracked down on farmers, but there are still way too many loopholes which cannot be closed if we continue in the cycle of corn and corn fed livestock.,

Don wants us to eat less meat, less chicken, less high fructose corn syrup, etc.  If only burgers weren’t so yummy and fried chicken so delicious.  We’d all be nice and thin, in better health with lower cholesterol.  Even the crabs and oysters would benefit.  But alas, Americans really don’t want to hear the message.  There were lots of questions asked and lots of good discussion.  We did not decide to all become vegans, but we heard from someone who was sincere and credible tell us something that made us squirm a bit in our complacent chairs.  We, or our children and grandchildren, may yet have to face the reality of these problems if they continue only lightly attended to.  We don’t know for sure what will happen, but we can see some of the future if we work at painting the obvious parts of this still very incomplete picture.

Eating foods that are best for our health will, in the long run, potentially encourage farmers and agri-businesses to alter their production habits and may also alter the fertilization habits of the industries and farms in Kent County as well as the rest of the nation.  Don has a long term agenda as all of us should.  It may not be totally popular to hear about it, but a view of the future is a good thing to sample.  It would do no harm to be heedful of the lone call to action when few others are paying attention.  There may be a good deal of truth in Don’s conclusions which in years to come become much more obvious and evident than they are today.

Thank you Mr. Kerstetter for your efforts on behalf of the citizens of the Delmarva and the Bay.



Sandeep has a friend who has lived for foCBG Sandeep Thakrar-4096urteen years with brain cancer.  While it has not ruined her life, it has greatly changed it, and she continues to do some very important things thought impossible only a short time ago.   Since her diagnosis she has become a world class marathon participant.  Not bad for someone who had no good prognosis many years ago.

CBG supports this charitable giving for brain cancer research from the hotel group Sandeep is part of with a joint gift every year from our weekly voluntary collections.  No place could be more helpful to a group such as ours, and we want every reader to know about the good work Sandeep and his hotel have done in raising funds.  Please recommend the Holiday Inn Express in Chestertown to those who are coming for a visit.  They have been a warm host for several years to CBG and we deeply appreciate the chance to work with them in this charity.

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