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Don Kerstetter visited us today and gave us his long term view that pollution is still hurting the life found in the Chesapeake Bay.  He blames the majority of it on the fertilizer that farms and houlseholds put down which needs to go somewhere as the rains fall and water runs into the watershed.  He isn’t saying farmers are culprits or not doing the best job they can do, but he makes the connection that growing corn is potentially a poor choice for the area we live in.  Corn is not an efficient user of the nitrogen fertilizer that needs to be applied, so extra is left to run off.  Yes, there is less pollution now than before we cracked down on farmers, but there are still way too many loopholes which cannot be closed if we continue in the cycle of corn and corn fed livestock.,

Don wants us to eat less meat, less chicken, less high fructose corn syrup, etc.  If only burgers weren’t so yummy and fried chicken so delicious.  We’d all be nice and thin, in better health with lower cholesterol.  Even the crabs and oysters would benefit.  But alas, Americans really don’t want to hear the message.  There were lots of questions asked and lots of good discussion.  We did not decide to all become vegans, but we heard from someone who was sincere and credible tell us something that made us squirm a bit in our complacent chairs.  We, or our children and grandchildren, may yet have to face the reality of these problems if they continue only lightly attended to.  We don’t know for sure what will happen, but we can see some of the future if we work at painting the obvious parts of this still very incomplete picture.

Eating foods that are best for our health will, in the long run, potentially encourage farmers and agri-businesses to alter their production habits and may also alter the fertilization habits of the industries and farms in Kent County as well as the rest of the nation.  Don has a long term agenda as all of us should.  It may not be totally popular to hear about it, but a view of the future is a good thing to sample.  It would do no harm to be heedful of the lone call to action when few others are paying attention.  There may be a good deal of truth in Don’s conclusions which in years to come become much more obvious and evident than they are today.

Thank you Mr. Kerstetter for your efforts on behalf of the citizens of the Delmarva and the Bay.



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  1. Donald Kerstetter says:

    Further clarification-My paper was based on the joint announcement last summer by The American Cancer Society and The National Heart Institute- “that the overconsumption of meat including red meat, and chicken- is responsible for the US. epidemics of Cancer and Heart Disease. I simply added my 30 years of Chesapeake Bay research experience to this conclusion. ” the excess fertilizer applied to corn (.30 uptake efficiency) the feed for food animals is also responsible for the nutrient pollution and primary pollution source for the Chesapeake Bay.
    Solutions Include:
    1.Substantly Reduce Meat Consumption and Hi-fructose corn syrup consumption
    2.Eat only Pasture Raised Meat

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