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The Bayside H.O.Y.A.S. is a 501(C)3 Non-profit organization; its mission is to provide academic excellence, character development, and community service while integrating sports in its curriculum; The leadership of the H.O.Y.A.S. strive to create a forum that promotes each participant’s self-worth and confidence by engagement of services that positively impacts the individual, home, school and community.

Motto: “Do your best, be your best”

The Bayside H.O.Y.A.S, Hoyas is an acronym for “Helping Our Youth Achieve Success”.  Youth from as young as 4 grade and up are targeted to better themselves through school, home and community.

John made a very positive impression on his audience at CBG.  Mr. Queen took us for a walk in his shoes across the great divide in society that most CBG participants don’t fully appreciate or acknowledge.    The effort being made to give younger members of society opportunities to discover the world outside of what appears to be a toxic environment may pay big dividends to all of us in decades to come.  It won’t see overnight results, but looks to be a very positive approach in the long term.

Meanwhile, the H.O.Y.A.S. need assistance to fund the educational, sociological and sports event projects they offer to Kent County youths.  Making a contribution of your time and/or money would be welcomed and beneficial.


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