20160728 CBG Sheriff John Price-6819photo courtesy of Steve Atkinson

Kent County is having some good news in terms of somewhat lowering crime rates in spite of the lingering and large problem posed by heroin use.  Price gave an impressive talk on the continued and new found degree of empathy for citizens in light of recent police and citizen deadly confrontations in other parts of the country. I see a definite change in the language and styles of how policing will be done locally as well as nationally.  Some of this change will be for the better.  Police will have to accept responsibility for improper acts, but at the same time, there may be need for more accountability on the part of the public that chooses not to act in good faith with the legal use of authority that police have over all citizens.  Sometimes this authority can be a bit of a bitter pill, but everyone, police and citizen, needs to learn to control their anger, prejudice and/or anxiety to prevent needless escalations.

We obviously have a good man here in John Price.  A man with a great deal of experience and one with lots of local knowledge.  CBG was happy to have him as our guest speaker and we hope that everyone gets the benefits of improved police-citizen relations.



20160721 CBG Becky Lepter-6067Photo Courtesy of Steve Atkinson

The job of helping those in need of guidance and assistance is a large one even in our relatively small county.  There is much need for support in terms of social guidance, jobs and job training , raising children, feeding the family, staying in affordable housing, attendance at school, and in planning parenthood in the midst of much unplanned parenthood.  How does a family handle the incarceration of the bread winner or the caregiver?  How do people trapped in a cycle of multi-generational poverty make an escape to a better life?  How does the part of society which does not deal with poor, detached, incarcerated, and emotionally damaged people view all of the efforts and expenses which seemingly cost a lot, but don’t appear to be doing  much in the long term of benefit?

One can ask, is any benefit happening for society by all this spending and effort by the social services being offered?  Becky gave us her view that there are successes, but not enough.  Yet, for those committed to helping others, one success is a major victory and giving up on helping others is not an alternative to even consider.  Doing what’s right is often unappreciated.  However, when you do what is right, you know in your heart that you have made a virtuous choice.  The recognition of others may be nice, but the important thing is doing right when no one will notice or bring public accolades to you.

There seems to be many committed people in Kent County doing all sorts of good work in non-profits and as volunteers to give needed assistance to many of our citizens.  Possibly we are more fortunate here that there are not so many people as in the highly populated regions of the State.  We struggle here to make everything work together to help people navigate the myriad of services, rules and paperwork.  Can you imagine how much more complex it must be in a metropolitan area?  People such as Becky Lepter help society, one person or one family at a time.  We need to keep confident that there is benefit for all of us, at every level of society, as this work cannot be simply abandoned based on just a cold cash basis of doing only what pays and let people fail who might have been helped.




Dr. O’Connor was a driving force in saving our local hospital and he joined the on-site hospital Director, Mr. Burleson, in giving us a current overview of the Hospital and its unique situation.  It was very comforting to know how much attention and care is being given to this facility.  Not only does the local hospital provide needed services to residents, but it also is a very major employer of skilled people in the community.  As the practice of medicine changes and as the funding of medical treatment changes, we need to have careful supervision by caring experts so that our rural county does not get treated as if the people who lived here don’t count.  You can count yourselves very lucky that Dr. O’Connor saw the coming problem and confronted it before it was too late.

Although we cannot afford apathy, it looks like there is an excellent window of opportunity now given us to keep a reasonably full service hospital serving Chestertown and the rest of Kent County.

The attendance for this meeting was large and virtually filled our rom at the Holiday Inn Express.  It is gratifying to see the depth of care and attention paid to this important topic for the community.



Mr. Davis is a local farmer and poultry producer.  He gave us what he knows and understands about GMO’s.  It was a great opportunity to see someone who intimately knows the good results GMO’s give farmers and how he feels we are protected.  I think the audience better understands the safeguards which are in place and the necessity of choosing GMO’s over too much pesticide and other treatments which may wash off and into the Bay.

The jury remains out.  Nature has a way of taking our human efforts and taking the path that we don’t and can’t fully understand.  There were lots of questions, a great trading of thoughts and  what might have been a confusing subject was clearly understood by most attendees.  We hope to have Allen back in the future to fill us in on the poultry aspect of his operation.  Thank You Mr. Davis.


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