Al Sikes quoted from his own book “Culture Leads, Leaders follow” to help us see where our country is headed.  To the older generation, the direction does not look so good, but we are not the ones being led by the current culture of the country.  It is not so much our future in the mix, but the future of our children and grandchildren which has some dark clouds looming.  The gradual loss of our own cultural guide, the Judeo-Christian ethic, and the replacement of it, in part, by celebrity role models, sports figures, actors, rappers, and politicos does not provide a high level of confidence or happiness.  We do see how Trump found just the right mix of voters to tap into what was sufficiently powerful to get the majority of electoral college votes. Such an event does gives us some insight into what certain constituencies are thinking.  Mr. Sikes used a fly fishing analogy, since he is a fishing enthusiast, to clue us into being sure to select just the right spot, the right water, the right fly and leader in order to get that fish to bite.  Trump used the right stuff in spite of what the pollsters and news media reported.  We may not like the surprise we woke up to last week, but now we need to figure out how to make it work for the sake of our country.  We all hope we can go together in a good direction.

Al Sikes was Chairman of the FCC when Howard Stern was on regular radio all over the USA.  Mr. Sikes can take the credit for pushing Mr. Stern into the pay for broadcast radio like SiriusXM and off the public airwaves.  For that alone, we can be very grateful.  If there ever was a good move by the FCC to limit total freedom of speech, the removal of Howard Stern from open broadcasting stands as a shining and reasonable example of a society and a regulatory agency that cares about all citizens, not just a single demographic majority or those simply overfilled with hate.


Now that the election is finished, Jay Jacobs made what has become his annual meeting with CBG participants to help us stay well informed about county and delegate district events in our region.

Of course, we spent a good deal of time on the status of our Hospital and reading the tea leaves of evidence to understand better where health care in our county is headed.  For now we have stability, or some reasonable equivalent of it.  We really don’t know the underlying strategies being employed, but everyone needs to be aware of how the statistics used to keep things as they are might be manipulated.    Having a local facility requires us to try hard to utilize it.  If we avoid the local hospital and what it is capable of doing for us, we will end up with nothing local at all.  We need to remain mindful of that.

We talked about what may happen years from now in the creation of another bridge across the Chesapeake.  It is a distinct possibility that Kent County may end up with a bridge one or two decades from now.  Maybe it won’t impact us, but it will certainly impact younger folks and the calm nature of our present situation.  We ought to remain vigilant and somewhat ready to organize.

Jay, like many others, is concerned with the state of our schools and the content of education being offered.  Many are concerned about this, but he can be of great help on occasion to address pressing matters.  We seem to believe we need more old fashioned vo-tech training, but the size of our high school limits the ability to have much variety of training.  The high tech type training popular now may one day find its way back to some of the more traditional and in-demand skills that few possess here these days.

If Annapolis only had a few extra billion bucks in some account just waiting to be spent many of our wishes would be fulfilled.  Until then, we need to keep on top of the situation and Jay Jacobs has been a great conservator of our resources and values.

We will hope for another good year at Annapolis and we should support Jay Jacobs when he soon will be running once again for his political office.  THANK YOU JAY!





Harris Murphy gave us his insight on the State’s Attorney’s office after having been in the post for some period of time now.  He has been fine tuning the efficiency of his office and staff by prosecuting carefully those charges which he feels sure to make a conviction.  Many more cases reach a plea agreement when the defense understands they are in a no-win situation.  Sounds like a winner for concerned citizens.

The heroin and addiction epidemic is still making local as well as National news.  We have our share here, but Harris says his sources indicate the problem will rung a course where it stops getting worse and then will improve over time.  It is difficult to comprehend that 80% of heroin users in Kent County began by taking legal pain-killer drugs prescribed by physicians.  No illegal gateway drug can be blamed for the vast majority.  Attendees find it hard to come to terms with the way regular people become addicted.  I guess you just can’t know until you walk in the shoes of an addicted individual….and who would willingly volunteer?  It all is a sad story.  You can blame it on a failure of government, physicians, the FDA, and society.  It isn’t a simple problem and has no simple solution.  Hopefully, the problem will be lessened in the years to come.

Thank you Harris for your continued support at CBG and for the work you and your office does for all of us. 

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