It was nice to hear so much good news about Rock Hall.  Planning for the future, keeping the budget balanced, enjoying great Holiday decorations and looking forward to the local New Year’s Eve events right on Main St.  Meg Parry is busy writing grant requests and there seems to be quite of bit of both optimism and enthusiasm in the air.  Mayor Joes is enjoying his job as Mayor and with another two years to go in office appears to have a grip on the pulse of the community.  The growth and development of the downtown area is of primary importance and that is the major item on the agenda.

It was good to be brought up to date.


Judy Morgan, Director of THINK BIG 12-22-2016

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Why do we need fiber optic service for the internet?  What is special about what THINK BIG is offering residents of Kent County?  Will fiber optic connectivity really mean something to residents, rich or poor, young or old?

Judy Morgan gave us the many answers we needed to better understand what was being offered to Kent residents.  It made nearly everyone in the room want to take one of the THINK BIG applications home or fill it out on the spot.  We liked what we heard and for those of us leading ever more connected lives, it makes good sense to go for the best of Internet connections, fiber optics, right up to the router in your home.

Even for those who get by currently without a good Internet connection or even those without any connection at home, the coming of such strong services to our region will lead to vastly better and improved free connections at hot-spots, libraries, restaurants, shopping centers, etc  which will be able to readily offer rapid connections to all users.

viniarBarbara Reed (left) KCBG presents our speaker award plaque to Dr. Viniar

Chesapeake College has programs that could make even the doubtful and fearful student want to learn and become an important part of society.  The cost is so reasonable, less than 1/10 of what many private regular colleges cost these days.  There is no doubt that a student who succeeds at Chesapeake will have no problem with long term future school debt.

Dr. Viniar is an outspoken and very enthusiastic advocate for her school and what it offers to the Eastern Shore region.  CBG participants found the offerings to be right on target with our area.  We’d find it difficult to find a better match for the students who are going through the high school right now than looking toward Chesapeake as a viable choice.  The support offered to student who need extra assistance, the honors programs for those who are up to a greater than average challenge and the overall, hands on experience, sounded to us as a good fit with students ready to go out and find their place in society.



We discussed not only the history of the Cabinet, but the chain of succession to the office of President in case of a National disaster.  Who is next in line after the Vice-President?   It’s the members of the Cabinet, so we ought to be sure the President elect appoints people that are experienced, well educated and trustworthy.  Who is Donald Trump appointing?

Certainly there were mixed feelings.  Just like the election results, there are those who have trepidation about some of the appointees while others feel things may be going as planned.  Is the President one who believes in keeping his enemies very close?  We aren’t totally certain just yet.  We need to remain patient as this first chapter of Presidential power unfolds.  It was food for thought and provided the basis for an excellent discussion.  We wish you had been there.



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