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What does it take to deliver quality care to the many elderly and ill residents of Kent County?  What regulations and licenses must be followed and obtained.  Who pays for these services and what about Medicaid and Medicare?  Can you trust all home care-givers to follow the rules?  Whether you like it or not, nearly all of us will need some assistance from a professional as we age.  We want someone who is qualified, licensed, deeply caring and committed and able to keep to the schedule that has been established.  We also know there are huge problems in this field all over the USA and especially in rural areas, such as our own. 

Understanding the myriad of problems associated with delivery of care, following regulations, obtaining payments, doing no harm, not over-reaching to provide things which can’t legally be provided, and a raft of financial considerations makes this a very challenging business.  Besides, delivery of health care if far more than just a business.  Barbara Reed is very well aware of the skills and giving attitude which must be mixed just right to provide what she hopes to give to her patients.

It was a good meeting.  We can’t solve all the issues of health care by discussing them, but we came away with an appreciation of the situation and what one good person with a plan can accomplish.  THANK YOU Barbara for your good work on our behalf.



The best news is that high speed fiber optic will make it possible to have new business ventures take greater interest in Kent County.  It may allow us to grow our younger population and possibly make it easier for youngsters growing up here now to remain residents and find good employment in Kent in the future.

It appears that the cost of installation to one’s home and business is being offered at a reasonable rate compared to any other offering that other sources have been offering and that everyone who wants coverage has been promised access.  The jury is out if everyone will have access, but that depends on demand on the part of residents and businesses who will make the two year commitment and the ability of Think Big network to follow through on their promise to give all applicants connections at what now appears to be very fair costs.

Kent CBG hopes to assist making universal connections occur.  We want citizens to be well informed in an unbiased manner and believe our meeting was a real success.  All sides had a great discussion.  We learned more and we shared our varied thoughts with one another.



Keith is an experienced speaker who is in charge of employee safety at David A. Bramble Paving.  Considering the work Bramble does, one realizes that there is a mighty web of safety required from OSHA, EPA, Maryland, etc.  There is a long list of regulators and regulations.  Bramble has taken the high road and wishes to conform to the regulations, but the industry is full of cut rate competition which makes bidding a challenge.  Bramble has succeeded, but many have not been so fortunate or so well run.

We all applaud safety and environmental regulations which are put there for a hoped for benefit to society.  Few could be construed otherwise, but there is a financial burden placed on firms to comply and compliance costs more money many times than non-compliance.  We heard that Governor Hogan has allowed channels of communication between contractors with the State and our State Regulators to flow both ways.  That sounds commendable.

David A. Bramble Paving is a multi-generational success story.  They are a good neighbor to all of us in Kent.


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