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Iran is a very large country.  They have lots of oil, a very young population, a well formed democracy and a very modern, mostly secular, lifestyle.  The population votes with vigor and participates in elections.  Iranians are highly educated and pushing democracy forward.

The USA and Israel are the Iranians two main targets of governmental hate and finger-pointing.  The USA returns this with equal vitriol for Iran, Russian and North Korea.  It seems to serve all concerned having one or more countries to target and to focus on in order to seek unity in our respective homelands.  Overall, the policy now may appear ill conceived, but it worked well for so long that one hates to abandon it as it now fails to accomplish create the focus that once seemed so useful.  The problem of course, is coming up with a new political trick to unite populations.  Suggestions would be welcomed.

Iran has a long, a very long, history.  We are the ones with a couple hundred years behind us.  The Iranians are extremely proud of their 7000 year historical heritage.  We have to accept that in their region of the world, they, not us, are the force and influence to be dealt with.

Tom gave us a perspective to understand the reality of our relationship with Iran based on our blemished history with the government of the country.  We are reaping some of what seeds we sowed for ourselves.  A large, and rather young, majority of the population wants closer ties and trade with the US, but the small, older, conservative politicos on top want something else.  We just need to wait and be patient.  Maybe we can deal with Iran in a stable and even-handed way in the years to come.  We ought to tread lightly since we have such a good chance to become closer with them without posing any increased risk to Israel or our other interests in the Middle East.  Diplomacy and patience seem to be what we need rather than force and threats.  Hopefully, the long term outcome will be the good one that appears out of reach right now.  There is good reason to hope for a positive long term relationship. 

Thank you Tom, for allowing us to see a brighter future in what has been presented to the American public as a gloomy and dangerous part of today’s world.



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