Francoise came to us to share her experience of the past 15 years becoming a creative web designer and web host for many local, and some not so local, businesses and charitable organizations.  She spoke about various web platforms, cloud storage and cloud hosting, copyright issues, privacy issues and the benefits of having a properly constructed website.  We got some insight into how Google searches out what each website offers so that the search engine most of us use works efficiently, or not. 

What was especially good, was to see a person who has found a niche enterprise that works well in our county.  If development is coming, and it surely will, then this sort of business has possibilities of success which won’t harm the environment or create problematic traffic on the roads.



The Library is a great resource for all residents of the area.  It was intriguing to find out what an efficient operation it is and how it has so greatly adapted to the change in the world of information technology.  By going to the library and meeting the staff, or simply by making use of the facilities, you will find an impressive variety of things which are being done there.  Supporting the Library is worthy of your time and energy!

The below link to a .pdf file is a sample of what is on tap at the library just during April 2017..

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