Isabel Hardesty, The Chester Riverkeeper 9-21-2017

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The Chester River Association and it’s mission was presented in a complete and very professional way by the Riverkeeper.  It is good to see so many local folks becoming involved in the health and long term cleanliness of our river water systems in the region. The best thing we found out was the degree of scientific accountability and cost effectiveness control that is being used within the CRA.  Those projects which are effective, both environmentally and financially are given preference over high cost, low return projects which is what characterizes what the public most fears about government regulatory agencies when they meddle in local affairs.  The CRA seems to “get it” and that is a great thing. 

One of our frequent participants and steering committee members, also a past Riverkeeper, David Foster, mentioned how well this organization has done in attracting participants and members from all levels and interests in our society.  The farmer can work with the scientist and those in finance or in business.  The waterman can work with boaters and environmentalists.  All for the greater good.  What this promotes is an understanding that when the cause is right, people from the left, the right and in between can find common ground to improve the total picture.  This may be rare today, but it can and does work, as this organization proves.

The payoff for reducing pollution, nutrients, and sediment in the waterways will slowly show over time.  It didn’t happen all at once and it will not go away overnight.  It is a work that will take years to accomplish and will always be ongoing to maintain good and acceptable levels of these problem issues.  We need watchdogs and trained scientists to make sure we leave a good legacy for those who are not yet born.  CRA is doing their part in this big picture.


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