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David Foster was the first of the four candidates for Chestertown Council who will be addressing Kent CBG.  Three additional candidates intend to come on 10/19/2017 to tell us about their experiences ,backgrounds, and what they’d like to accomplish if and when they are elected to Town Council in November.

Mr. Foster has a wide range of global experience related to government and to the private sector when it comes to urban planning and related issues such as the environment.  Since he was the sole speaker able to schedule for  today’s CBG meeting, he had a large opportunity to take numerous questions related to the future of Chestertown and how he’d propose to insure a good long term plan and future for the town.  The essence of it, as I understood it, is to set realistic goals of things that are possible while seeking to make the outcomes palatable to long term residents and well as for those who would be newcomers.  Our local demographics show too few younger people and young families and a larger than beneficial number of older people.  To grow and prosper, we may need to consider how to increase younger folks to call this place their home.  Doing this is a big challenge.  Maybe some of our extraordinary local minds can accomplish what must be done to get jobs in Kent County, garner an educated population suited for these local jobs and to further develop our local the schools to also help fill the desired workforce. 

We spoke about the Marina.  It has possibilities, but we need to watch the expenses and keep our eye on the target of making it pay its own way at some point.  For now, the marina has been saved, but where do we go from here?  We will need smart folks leading the way to make sure the right moves are made to keep it safe and to make it viable for the right kinds of development.

We spoke about the necessity of the local hospital.  It is a hot topic and highly important to the viability of the town and the county.  We need leaders who understand both the politics of this issue as well as the economics of it. 

We await the other candidates and their opinions, too.



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