2017-10-19 12.02.20(2)Each of the Candidates impressed us with their desire to help make Chestertown a great place to live and work.  While Elsworth Tolliver has no opposition in Ward 3, Owen Bailey and Bob Miller along with David Foster, who spoke last week, were asking for your vote in Ward 1.  All four of the Candidates had good ideas, all four come into the contest with quite diverse ideas of what is important to them, to the town and to their constituents.  All of them made good sense to listen to.  The dilemma for voters will be picking the right person to elect in Ward 1.  Ward 3 has a very good man ready to take up the reins of leadership and it seemed to us that any one of the three candidates had enough sense to do some good things in office, if elected.  Who will it be?  Stay tuned.  We will all find out in early November.

Remember, just a few votes make a big difference.  If you live in Ward 1, please make an effort to speak personally with candidates who ring your doorbell.  Ask your long time neighbors about those people who are running for office and see what they suggest and ask “why?”.  Be an informed voter and make a difference.

This meeting was an excellent opportunity to understand what is so good about Kent Community Breakfast Group.  The Candidates had time to speak and time to answer all sorts of questions without restraint.  While we did not solve the pressing issues of the day, we got to know all four of the Town Council Candidates far better than reading a sign on the side of the highway.


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