Mayor Cerino turned out a lively and good sized audience for his local address to our Kent CBG members.  With the limited financial resources, limited power beyond the town limits and keeping in mind that private enterprise needs to succeed in Chestertown, the Mayor has his hands both full and often tied at the same time.  It is good to hear about what is happening from the head of local town government, from someone deeply part of the non-profit scene and also as a private citizen..  Roll all that into one and you have Mayor Cerino.  You can just tell he is doing the job mostly because it is such a good fit for him and it is something he enjoys doing well.

We asked some tough questions about the Marina property, the Armory and Stepney Manor and other properties where development might someday occur.  While some options are not on the table, there may be wiggle room for something good to come out of these potential sites.  Where are we with the Fiber Optic Internet?  We plan to have the Kent County IT chief, Scott Boone in two seeks to tell us exactly what is going on.  The mayor thought there was some sort of slow down, but did not think it was a failed mission.  We’ll get something more definitive shortly for out participants.

Thanks Mr. Mayor.  We know you are having the big Down Rigging weekend beginning today, so we appreciate the time you spent with us.


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