WIlliamsJamie Williams came to visit Kent CBG on behalf of Scott Boone, County IT Director who was unable to attend today.  She came very well prepared not only to address the topics Scott would have covered, but with several other agendas of importance which she works on for the benefit of all Kent County citizens.  She finds lots of work to be done here, yet also finds lots of bright points and hope in getting Kent County developed in ways which would suit the citizenry.   It is a balancing act to maintain the basically agricultural historic nature of the county while understanding that the future of the county involves new businesses, new housing, renewal of schools, maintenance of the tax base, and attracting new residents, young and old alike.

Jamie went on to address several hot topics and we had a vibrant set of discussions.  Everyone came away with an increased awareness of what economic development means here and just how big a job Jamie has.  You could not ask for a more dedicated person to accept her role.  Some great initiatives are underway and there is no shortage of ideas that may become reality here.


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