Larry Samuels has spoken to Kent CBG numerous times.  This is the first time he really came prepared to tell us about himself and how he arrived at becoming a frequent substitute teacher both in Queen Anne and Kent.  He has a passion for the kids and cares about them.  He has great experience and is a sharing individual.  It sounded to us like he is just the right kind of person to mentor our children, especially the many here who need extra help, encouragement, stability and compassion often missing in their home environments.  Education is a major key to success in later life.  If you do not have the basics from home and school, you will be short handed in all that comes afterwards.  The basic education found in the lower school grades is essential to master, and after hearing Larry talk, we felt it even more surely than before.

Larry recounted several of his kid friendly and engaging stories.  We can see better why he takes the huge amount of time he spends with so many good volunteer efforts along with his very frequent teaching role.  Thank you Larry.  We need many more guys and gals with your spirit and energy all over the country and we are fortunate to have you here as an example.



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