Tim Dove and Annette Duckery came to speak with us along with two additional members of the team in Kent County that are doing everything imaginable to alleviate and help eliminate drug problems in Kent County.  They are not only using the standard tools of the anti-drug approach, but are trying very hard to think outside the box to really help those members of our community that need help that the standard plan does not provide.  We all thought they are on the right track.  It makes good sense to try some new and fresh approaches toward fixing a huge societal problem that just is not being managed well throughout the entire country.  Why not try some new efforts to support folks who need help and connections to further assistance?   Tim is obviously a highly trained, motivated and concerned leader who is up to the task.  And, the task is a large one.

The questions remains: Can we stop drug abuse?  Can we stop drug addiction?  Can we show better examples to our youth so they don’t go down the wrong pathways?  Can we help people who are hurting and want to be helped?  What can government do and what does society need to do?  Many big questions and very few real solutions.  The main thing is to keep trying until the correct solutions come into focus.


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