Leslie Raimond and John Schratwieser, Co-Directors in 2017 of the Kent County Arts Council met with the members of Kent CBG today and discussed the way they have intertwined the Kent Arts Council into the heart of the vibrant artistic community of Kent County and in Chestertown.  The engaging of artists to bring their artistic statements and point of view into focus by having art events which are timely and emotionally involving for viewers is a great key marketing concept and key to their success.  There are some good events coming in the Spring of 2018 and we will post a link to the calendar once we get their notification.

The budget for the KCAC is initially funded by the State of Maryland each year, but far more funds are needed to do a good job.  Keeping the arts in a making money for the area situation greatly eases the funding burden.  It appears that the arts really are paying their own way in the area and we are a better place because of the arts being such a strong local force.



12-14-2017CBGThe world keeps changing.  We cannot stop it.  We can put it into statistics.  We can hope to learn something about it, but we must understand that we have only a rather small and sporadic effect on altering the course of events.  There are things we can do and things we cannot control.  We have biblical commands to treat our fellow men well and to increase and develop our talents.  While some are fortunate enough to be able to accept such duties many others may have little time other than to seek survival each day.  Rodney pointed out some disturbing trends in the economy of the USA which are pretty well mirrored in Kent County, MD.

In the end, to make real progress and to grow the economy, one must take on the personal initiative to get the most and best level of education possible.  Dropping out of school or only getting a High School diploma is not the most likely course of action to your personal economic development and success.  There are certain jobs which you can knowingly select that will be among the best paid ones in the near future.  Getting the right education for those jobs is a key element to your personal economic development and also to the economic betterment of wherever you live, including Kent County.

The topic is a deep one, mathematically complex, full of graphs and charts, and subject to the whims of every presenter who makes up such a lecture.  I think Mr. Lester gave us a great short course on where we were 60 years ago and how we have altered and changed as a society and as an economy until now as well as letting us glimpse into the prediction of our future.  As in generations past, the future may not seem inviting to the viewers of today, but most of us will not be there when it comes to pass.  What will our children and grandchildren actually become a part of?  How will the economy of the US, the world and even Kent County stack up 20 years from now?  The best advice was, “Get the best education level you can and you will be at the top of the statistical charts in the future”.  Good or bad, those with the most education have proven over many generations that they will be among those who live the best and do the best.  If you want this for your family, you need to encourage success through educational opportunities.  It is a great message to better understand.


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