Leslie Raimond and John Schratwieser, Co-Directors in 2017 of the Kent County Arts Council met with the members of Kent CBG today and discussed the way they have intertwined the Kent Arts Council into the heart of the vibrant artistic community of Kent County and in Chestertown.  The engaging of artists to bring their artistic statements and point of view into focus by having art events which are timely and emotionally involving for viewers is a great key marketing concept and key to their success.  There are some good events coming in the Spring of 2018 and we will post a link to the calendar once we get their notification.

The budget for the KCAC is initially funded by the State of Maryland each year, but far more funds are needed to do a good job.  Keeping the arts in a making money for the area situation greatly eases the funding burden.  It appears that the arts really are paying their own way in the area and we are a better place because of the arts being such a strong local force.



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