Steve met with CBG today as our speaker rather than as a usual meeting attendee.  He has a multi-faceted web based set of services and calendars which deserve our attention.  He explained how Local in Kent, ChesaDelCrier, DelmarvaCrier, and ShoreToBeFun all share some common threads, but how diverse they can be with focus on different elements of the local and regional happenings of our County, State and DelMarVa region.

We know that there are lots of events going on that we only hear of after the fact.  Steve wants us to know ahead of time to allow better and larger participation.  We couldn’t agree more with that goal.

In the coming weeks we will display the various calendars of events at our morning meetings from time to time so that we can help share the good news of what is happening around here BEFORE it happens.  Sounds like a plan to us.  Please attend.


If you want to have your events publicized, contact Steve at one of his websites and give him the news. email will go directly to his desktop.




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