Img-1101 tom tTom gave us some history of China compared to the USA.  No doubt, China has a far longer history that the USA and is a powerhouse not only in its region, but in the world.  The USA is like a blue chip stock, not so very interesting and rather mature in terms of future growth potential, while China is more an up and coming powerhouse with far more room to expand and grow than the USA.  We covered some of the reasons and then we looked at some of the areas which surround China to see how they and their neighbors are interacting.

Surprisingly, though completely logically, our topic drifted to world-wide politics and affairs between nations.  The world is so different that what it was 60 years ago when we could have one policy for the East and another for the West.  Everyone is aware of what is going on and living diplomatically with one another is a real challenge.  The USA suffers from some lack of confidence in the fair and level application of our foreign policies and China is quick to take up any slack they are handed which may increase their local and global influence. 

If you weren’t there, you missed a very good lecture and some far ranging questions.  The experience and depth of knowledge shown at our Kent CBG is often amazing.  This was just one of those excellent presentations that highlighted what can be done in an hour in the early morning.



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