OldhamSanta Oldham has a long history of working with people and various business entities in ways that foster progress, agreements and mutual working relations.  She brings this experience to Life Coaching work by assisting people to find their passion, follow their dreams, and to become and feel more successful.  Everyone has a different outlook on what will fulfill us.  She hunts for that often elusive element that many people can’t seem to locate reassuring them that it is there and can be found.  For direct contact email: assistanceinaction@gmail.com

Our other speaker was Rebecca Rice, the program coordinator for the Kent County Health Department.  She is especially interested in making residents aware of those things which reduce the risks of becoming diabetic.  Kent County Health sponsors no cost group sessions which encourage and support lifestyle change, weight loss, reasonable exercise, better eating habits, understanding food labeling, and a long list of other things, which not everyone fully understands, that have definite impact on our overall well-being, as well as reducing the many risks of type 2 diabetes.  A new group is forming in April 2018.  Contact her for more info:  rebecca.rice@Maryland.gov



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