millerIt is a big topic about big money and about huge regulations and rule making.  No CPA or Tax Attorney will be put out of business by the IRS due to lack of consumer need for their services.  We absolutely have a behemoth government and a large IRS busy making rules and regulations which can’t possibly be fully understood.  Bob spoke about how experts don’t memorize new rules, but must constantly look them up since they are bound to change.  We see the future of the current not solving any debt problem we have in the USA.  Taxing less is not going to cure our shortfall.  Spending less may not be an option that anyone wants to know about.  What’s left?  Printing money and inflation. 

What can you do about it?  We didn’t dare open that one up.  The choices look unappetizing, at best.  Hold onto your hat and put on your seat belt.  It may be a bumpy ride in the future.


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