Janet Christensen-Lewis and Elizabeth Watson were outstanding speakers who have the interests of all the citizens of Kent County in mind.  They are professional, compassionate and experienced.  I don’t think we hit on any part of this topic that they were not well versed in.  Someday, there may be an additional bridge across the Bay, but with good preparation and strong citizen cooperation, this bridge has a good chance of being built further South where some counties have voiced a desire for the kind of economic development it will undoubtedly bring.  If you want urbanization and loss of the rural lifestyle, highways as busy as the Western Shore and all the services those require, then a bridge fits your style.  If you love it here because you were simply born here, or if you chose this place above all others because you like it as it is, then NO BRIDGE in Kent County may be a theme you better get used to hearing and working with.  Change will come, but slow change and smart change can be handled.  This is not an issue where you ought to make up your mind until you understand the consequences.

Kent CBG hosted this large gathering of concerned citizens in a peaceful and thoughtful discussion of where we stand in the planning stages of where and when a new bridge might be built from the Western Shore to the Eastern Shore.  It might be right on top of Kent County, but may be built much further South or possibly, not built at all.  It is too soon to say, but it is definitely the right time to become engaged and informed.  There is room for discussion and room for varied opinions.  One must say that change is pretty much inevitable, but with diligent and smart efforts, the changes that come to Kent County will have desirable effects and not bad outcomes.

We can have growth of opportunities for working people while keeping the rural and peaceful nature of the area preserved.  Such preservation may impact some folks in a way that is not as beneficial as possible, so we need to listen and do the right things to mitigate such negative effects.  Many folks emigrate here for the rural character of the region and not for the rapid growth nearby Delaware provides.  Those people may reap benefits from the status quo and not from major growth.  We seek decisions made in the reasonable, middle ground.  We don’t want to destroy our small paradise for the sake of mass congestion by cars travelling to Atlantic Ocean resorts.  We don’t want to destroy good and smart growth of jobs and affordable housing for those still in the workforce that such a bridge might help with speedier commuting to work and for many other reasons that were mentioned at the meeting.



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