Dr. Wayne Benjamin speaks about HOMEPORTS

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For many of our aging population there is a desire to age at home.  Many don’t have much alternative financially and still others truly choose to go it alone in spite of many possible benefits of more community based retirement housing.  We tend to want to be free until the very end of our lives, but many folks simply live well beyond their ability to care decently for themselves. They make bad errors, they become ill, they get injured and have no one to assist them, etc. The list of aging problems is long and well understood by all of us.

Homeports is here to assist us many services offered by volunteers and by vetted professionals.  The reasonable annual cost of $350 is mostly affordable and several memberships are awarded annually for full or partial discounts based on need and income.  Even if you don’t yet need any Homeport service, you can contribute the $350 membership and take it off as a charitable deduction.  That would be an excellent first step and be very welcomed.  You can volunteer to drive or assist someone even if you are not a member.  You can help someone who will appreciate your assistance.  That’s a big reward all by itself.

Thank you Dr. Benjamin for the time you spent with us to explain Homeports and for the time you spend yourself in volunteering to serve in those who need you as members of Homeports.



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