Judy Morgan was well prepared for the questions and gave a good presentation.  High speed fiber optic is going to become a standard and desired installation in all households in the coming years.  For some folks it is already a mandatory essential, but not yet for all of us.  Think Big is a business.  It needs a group of people in any one place to voice their desire for installation for Think Big to put up the cash needed to make installations.  Single users, those in remote locations and areas where there is little demand are not likely to get installations quickly, while those who live where a large cluster of demand is present will get fiber optic services far sooner.

We should be influencing our friends and neighbors to sign up with Think Big so that the momentum of demand grows in Kent County.  We all stand to benefit from this increased connectivity.  Likely, we can’t imagine what it will do for us right now.  Those of us who dream about the rapid changes which will happen in the near future likely can only envision a tiny part of what the fast Internet will allow us to do.  Let’s keep up the pressure to make these changes as widespread as we can.  I envision this sort of growth will be beneficial to the rural nature of Kent County.


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