Our audience was truly impressed with the easy yet professional way Trey Hill told us how farming and science have evolved together to give us enough food while saving us more and more from pollution from less efficient farming practices.  You don’t just become a farmer these days.  It takes advanced education, world travel, networking, conferences, early morinng phone calls from market advisers and a dedicated team of employees to make it all happen.

The questions asked and answered ranged from technical, to political to international in scope.  Trey was well informed, ready and willing to share.  Everyone left feeling like they had really had a learning experience



keating 1David Keating, noted for teaching a WC-ALL course that new cars are “not your father’s Oldsmobile”, visited CBG to highlight what this is all about.  Following the guidelines in the owner’s manual is crucial to longevity of your car these days.  These manuals are long and difficult to decipher, but they hold the secrets to keeping your 4 wheel vehicle on the road and worry free.

David did a good job in keeping it real.  He didn’t try to sell us a major service, but encouraged the use of the schedule of maintenance provided by the factory as a key ingredient to happy car ownership.

THANK YOU David, for your generous participation with our group.


Img-1659From the moment Andy McCown began to tell us about the many aspects of the Outdoor School, our audience became impressed with the value this provides to our community and to the many students who get the opportunity to participate in one or more of the many programs offered there.  The study or nature, ecology, the systems of the Chesapeake Bay, conservation of natural resources and of nature, sailing, waterman skills, camping, historic boat preservation and the list goes on and on.

This school has been running for decades and you can just tell the demand for this sort of education and hand’s on experiences is growing beyond the level to provide it to everyone who could use a bit of it.  What a wonderful asset and great value to have available for anyone who gets to attend.

Here is a link for really finding out more:


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