Bob Kramer has a unique way of writing and self expression.  It is a bit tricky and convoluted, but within has deep thought, ideas for change while keeping the best of the past, and bringing needed efficiency to local government.  His blog makes for good reading and his in-person talk with Kent CBG participants ranged far and wide over the future of Kent County with a focus also on Chestertown as a unique place to live as well as a venue for events.  Inevitably, some change is coming, but can we make changes that improve the schools, strengthen the local economy, and not spend in an inefficient or wasteful way?  Kramer attends many of the local governmental meetings.  He has seen the inner workings of our representatives.  His insights were worth the time spent with him to see what a person can do to become knowledgeable about what is going on in Kent and Chestertown.



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