The statistics make it painfully clear that the revenue sharing which is normal in nearly all of Maryland counties between each county and their contained Municipalities is missing in Kent County since the recession of 2008.  Such a loss in revenue has led to a local tax increase, but there are still many budget cuts which come from delaying increasingly necessary expenditures which simply cannot be delayed forever.  The County Commissioners know of the situation and they say it is “On the radar”, but they did not act to alleviate the unfairness at the last budget approval process.


Citizens who understand the process and the Tax Differential need to more forcefully insist that the tax sharing between County and Municipalities be re-instituted in Kent.  The best way is to get an understanding of the history and why there is revenue sharing.  Then, when the commissioners meet, they need to hear clearly the message that fairness s important to who will be elected.  There is a golden opportunity now, before our general election, to make the case and to spread the word.  David Foster made the case clearly and simply.  There may be opposing opinions, but that is okay and part of our democratic process.  The big thing now is to be HEARD………………..


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