Airlee Johnson of the Social Action Committee and Rosemary Granillo of the Local Management Board are both highly immersed in finding ways to improve inter-race relations and to seek ways to mitigate and end racism.  We find it a truly difficult and long term task, but one worth working on.  Making things better is far more effective than saying the work is simply too difficult to make an attempt.

The vast majority of Americans came here from other lands in the past 300 years.  It has taken considerable time to reach accommodation for many ethnic and religious groups.  Some have done far better than others in becoming powerful.  Some have progressed very little.  Seeking some further equity will benefit society as a whole.  We need to live together and support one another.  There seems little choice on this matter.  Past differences should be put in the past.  Just like we no longer accept bullying in schools, we should feel the same way about racism.  If we work at it, we will achieve some of the desired effects, but it will take work.

The talk was enlightening and involving.  The audience was moved to share and participate.  If you weren’t there, you missed one of CBG’s best presentations.


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