We had a very informative morning with Mr. DiGregory.  He made several points about his varied experience as a criminal litigator and as a public defender.  He is readily able to make his point of view clear and it seems great that such a well qualified candidate is looking now to the public for support and for the needed votes.  On Sept 13th, we will host his opponent for the same office and also give him an equal opportunity to impress us as voters and citizens.  The activities and programs being supported in the Justice department of Kent County sound like they are meeting the need of those who have been trapped in the drug scene and want to get clear of it going forward.  We have an intensive program to support those who deserve and want an opportunity for relief from drugs and to get back into normal lives without carrying a felony record into the future.  We can only hope it succeeds on a long term basis.   

There was lots of discussion on the new approach to bail.  It makes sense not to incarcerate poor people who honestly intend to appear at their trial.  Qualifying people for bail based on their  attitude, history and threat to others, rather than making money the determining factor does make good sense and appears to be saving the taxpayers money by keeping the jails less full of poor people waiting for their day in court.


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