CBG8-23We had a fairly large audience and a few members in it were anxious to ask the incumbent and the two hopeful Commissioner candidates some direct questions concerning school funding and details of how the tax differential can be re-constituted for the incorporated towns of Kent.  We discussed what kind of “growth” would be acceptable for this mostly rural county, how it would look and where it might be.  Would growth impact net revenue in a positive way or with the higher costs associated with serving more people be neutral or decrease out net revenue?

There is a lot of interest in who will be elected to this rather powerful local office.  I found it interesting that the candidates who are running for this office have not been regular attendees to the meetings of the commissioners.  This does seem to us as a very good way to find out what the job really is all about and to have a deep understanding of the details of the job requirements.   It was suggested that by going to these public meetings, the candidates would be more able to suggest more in depth and fact based suggestions that they would bring to the table if elected.

This should be an exciting election season because those three of the six running for this office do make very important political and financial decisions when they meet.


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