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The second set of three hopefuls for County Commissioner met with Kent CBG this morning.  The audience  was intent on school funding, county population and job growth, and transportation issues.  The two sitting commissioners, Pickrum and Fithian were very well prepared for these questions and Tom Timberman gave us his views on these pressing subjects. The difficult problem in Kent County is how to grow tax revenue to meet increasing expenses and funding requests when faced with long term population decrease.  Couple these issues with a large number of the local populaces very much opposed to more traffic, higher density housing, and a perceived loss of the rural character of the region. 

These are trying issues that have been faced for some decades.  Here we are, not beyond all hope, but how do people who live here and those who represent us in government make what may prove to be rather controversial and potentially unpopular choices about making things better for the poor, the disabled, and the old while at the same time giving better education, better opportunities and better places to live to the younger population we must keep and also attract to live here.

There is hope and many suggestions from smart and optimistic people who attended.  There is much concern that funding requires revenue which must be raised or cut from other programs. Being a commissioner is a difficult job.  We can see the professionalism in those who already are on the Commission.  We also see it in the high interest and desire of those striving to replace the incumbents.  Vote in the election and be heard!



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