We had a lively and informative event with a good talk from States Attorney candidate Strong.  He told us how he feels about crime and punishment both personally and how he is able and willing to do follow the rules handed down by the State legislature whether he agrees or not.  The public really seems to support strong sentencing, while the legislature seems to be in the saving taxpayer money on punishment which does not appear to rehabilitate.  No one really voiced any solution.  We are in an increasingly liberal environment of shortening sentences and forgiving crimes which simply scares law abiding citizens.  While strong sentences don’t appear capable on their own of stopping crime, they do stop individuals while they are incarcerated.  No one is getting a good result.  Both Mr. Strong and his opponent, Mr. Di Gregory, have all the necessary tools, knowledge and experience for the job.  We wish both of these candidates a fortunate election outcome.  It is a difficult decision for voters, but the citizens will win either way.

Meanwhile the Candidates for Judge of Orphan’s Court continue to impress us with the dedication and professionalism.  They really are common citizens, properly trained, that give meaningful assistance to every family that comes in contact with them.  If you live here long enough, your family or your attorney will inevitably come before the Orphan’s court to probate a will or to create the needed documents to settle your estate.  The pay isn’t very good, but the human stories are truly excellent.  What a great way to meet nearly every family in the area while providing needed help and direction during difficult family times.    We have 4 total candidates running for the three seats on the Orphan’s Court panel.  We wish them all the best and know that whatever three win, the citizens of Kent County will have good people in place when a will needs to be probated.  Everyone appreciates their continued service.



There is always something more to know.  That’s what Kent CBG brings to the area at an early hour on a weekly basis.  The work of the three member panel of the Orphans Court is there to assist family members when they are having issues with the last wishes, the will or lack of a will for a deceased member of their family.  These are trained citizen judges, not necessarily formally trained in the way lawyers are, but that may be one of the good choices that government has made over the years.  Allowing the common sense of those individuals who are known and respected in the community to give skilled, trained, yet sympathetic assistance and judgment based on the law is a good thing.  With 15% of the deaths in the county ending up for some version of guidance or supervision, there is always something to be done by this panel of concerned citizens who sit as judges in such matters.

There seemed to be no end of interesting stories from the incumbents.  The job sounds intellectually rewarding, but don’t get involved for the money.  There is very little pay for this work, but it is of very high value to those who need this guidance to get past the probate process.

We wish all 4 candidates for the three positions good luck in the election.  The 4th candidate will visit with us Sept 13th.

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