Sheriff Price, 10/4/2018

On October 5, 2018, in Uncategorized, by David Atlas

Our Kent County Sheriff made a visit to Kent CBG during his temporary retirement hiatus.  He explained why he took his mandatory retirement now instead of after the election and made sense of the DROP program for our attendees.  Ir seems as though our County residents don’t have big issues with the Sheriff’s uncontested re-election bid, so for the next four years, it looks fairly certain who the Sheriff will be.

A good amount of time was also spent explaining what the Kent Turns Purple campaign is all about.  When someone who interacts with the local people, the Sheriff knows all too well about the sadness and death which opiate addiction causes.  Unfortunately, the addiction situation is both national and local.  It crosses all lines of ethnicity, relative wealth, level of education and cultural background.  Legislation won’t cure it.  Jail won’t stop it.  Some degree of legalization and the huge cost for effective rehabilitation have built in limitations.  Ultimately, the best and most effective long term cure is to teach children not be become addicted via intention or experimentation.  Educating the youth does make very good sense and may, in fact, contribute in the long run, to stopping the addiction crisis.


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