We had 100% pet lovers at the Kent CBG today.  We heard from Jane Welsh, Vice President of the Kent County Humane Society about the inner workings of our no-kill facility on Route 213. It was readily apparent that it takes dedication to the animals and to the work to make such an operation possible.   Plans are in the works for a new facility which will have far lower repair costs and do a better job just down the road a bit from the current location built in 1968.  Over a thousand animals make it to the shelter each year, so it is a busy place on a daily basis.  We heard that very little can be done about abusive pent owners in Maryland due to antiquated or inadequate laws on the books.  We’d hope for changes that would make enforcement of reasonable treatment possible.  If pets were lobbyists, there would be more action in this regard.  

If you are going to adopt a pet, pay the Humane Society a visit.  Contribute to their charitable efforts, too.  


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