We have a branch of a hugely successful, world class business located quietly in Worton.  Many folks are not aware of its presence, but it is a large producer of products which go into the formulation of plastics that are is use everywhere in the USA and around the world.  Mr. Mabe has been working for Eastman for 30 years and in Worton for the past 6 years.  The description of the facility, the wide uses for their  extensive product lines, the positive overall impact on Kent County are all important messages to have heard.  It was good news to better understand the way waste water is thoroughly treated and tested and also welcome news that what they manufacture there is not the kind of thing likely to blow up creating a doomsday scenario.  

Interestingly, an older gentleman in today’s audience was one of the initial builders of the site in 1959, knew the old history of ownership, and why this facility landed in Kent County.  It was unexpected and a good added bonus.

It is always good to better understand those businesses that have succeeded and thrived in Kent County.  We hear so much about resistance to development, but often don’t see how good businesses do well locating here and have proven track records to back it up.



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